Confused and overwhelmed with your body? Pathology reports can help us identify an imbalance in your symptomatology whether it be pathogenic overgrowth in your gut, hormone imbalance, elevated cortisol or otherwise. When acute symptoms are presenting a complex picture, we can narrow down an effective treatment program with these pathology reports. 

Stress can affect many different pathways in the body and can show up in each individual differently. Signs of stress can come up on your skin, with your hormone balance, in your sleep patterns and moods, in your hair and nails, in your digestion. It can help us identify and distinguish certain symptoms that can have different underlying causes. In naturopathy we call this our differential diagnosis. Identifying the stressor which could be pathogenic bacteria or parasites, food, nutritional deficiency or your environment or how the stress is showing up in your body can help us identify the quickest and easiest pathway to your ideal health.

Pathology reports

Elysium Health Solutions offers a wide variety of pathology reports to obtain a more thorough symptom picture of your presenting concern.

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Tests available

  • Gastrointestinal profiles
  • Microbiome analysis
  • Metabolic Profiles
  • Nutritional Profiles
  • IgG food sensitivity profiles
  • Genetic diagnostic testing
  • General Pathology

These tests can help pinpoint the missing link to achieving your health goals. 

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