3 Weeks to a New You!

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Do you want to overhaul your diet and body but without adding to your to-do list? Well, I have created a plan that's perfect for you.

I've done all the work for you, I have put together a meal plan, a shopping list AND a fitness program to make it super easy for you to jump in and get started! And because we know how HARD it can be to STICK TO THE DAMN PLAN!!!  I've also exercises to help you figure out and stick to your health goals and keep motivated throughout the program! 

Yep! I've made it easy for you to gain control of your health, your body AND your diet without having to think about it. But that's not the best part. I've created a meal plan and exercise program that ISN'T RESTRICTIVE!! Honestly! You don't have to cut back on your meals. You just have to EAT WHOLE FOODS!! If you stick to the program, you will reduce excess fluid, fat and inflammation throughout your body AND improve the strength of YOUR CORE, improving your musculoskeletal condition and tone.


.... Tried all the diets and nothing seems to work BUT you are DETERMINED to improve your overall health and fitness

.... Become overwhelmed by all the different advice from different health gurus AND want to get clear on how to just EAT HEALTHY!

.... Decided you want to give getting healthy another shot BUT DON'T want to get locked into a year long contract and not see any results

.... Struggled to commit to your health goals AND to understand your motivation so that you can get from where you are to where you want to be. 



If you are here you are either struggling with a HEALTH CONDITION or WEIGHT LOSS and you want to know how I can get you over the hurdle you are stuck at to reach your IDEAL health and weight and minimise the amount of pharmaceuticals you need. I bet you're even thinking pffft as if FOOD can get me where I want to be!! If it were that easy I WOULD KNOW ABOUT IT! I would have learnt it in school, or from my parents or my doctor would have told me.


Take for instance Tiana. After 6 months of trying to conceive her doctor diagnosed her with PCOS and wanted to put her on diabetic medication. She didn't want to take that path and found me. I created a HOLISTIC treatment program that not only started to reverse her insulin resistance and balanced her hormones but it also allowed her to GET PREGNANT. Now, she is the healthiest, happiest and most emotionally balanced she has ever been. And all she did was start introducing the right foods to FEED her body and SUPPORT her healthy lifestyle aspirations.

After working together, she was GLOWING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. Tiana came to me unsure if I would be able to help her with food and herbs alone and left as a healthy, happy mother to her new daughter with a renewed passion for healthy food for her and her new family. 

Did you know that the western diet is considered THE largest NOXIOUS threat to our bodies by leading epidemiologist and professor Felice Jacka? This includes drinking, smoking and chemical exposures such as BPA etc. THAT IS BIG!! Choosing to follow our standard western diet is THE biggest risk factor to our health and we are going to be the first generation to not outlive our parents! Eventually, our diet catches up with us. It makes me sad because IT IS SO EASY to do the right thing by our body, its just that there is so much CONFUSION about what is healthy. This confusion is created by MARKETING. Is it any wonder that people end up saying, "Well to hell with the lot of it! It seems like everything we eat is bad for us so I might as well just eat what I want!" We DON'T have to be overwhelmed and confused by all these TRENDING diets, TARGETED marketing and COLOURFUL packaging to get it right!! We just have to make small tweaks and adjustments to what we are ALREADY DOING. Nutrition is the fundamental ingredient to thriving health and buzzing vitality and I want to show you how to optimise it. 



I help people like you reclaim their health and get clear on how to navigate the land mine that is dieting. I make this easy because I don't believe in dieting! I believe in lifestyle, and I want to help you integrate EASY changes into your lifestyle so that you can ACHIEVE your health goals WITHOUT restrictive dieting and difficult dietary adjustments. With my help you will literally GLOW from the inside out and feel better in your meat suit. I will also EMPOWER you with knowledge so you understand how to create this vision of HEALTH not only for yourself but ALSO your family. 



"I'd like to say thank-you for your love and dedication to improving the health and awareness of how to create my own health. 

I have some injuries to my body and health issues as a result. Katie's program has helped me to understand my health and improve it. I am slowly increasing my strength and stamina and well as doing more things I love. 

Katie has taught me to find ways to work within my boundaries whilst extending and growing at the sometime. Listening to ideas and helping provide ideas to work with my injuries. "

Jane Tsivoglou

"I enjoy the challenges as its help refocus on why I do this as such and giving me more motivation to start to pull myself out of the rut Ive ended up in"

Sarah Willis
"I love your program, it's brilliant. I see your program as a great chance for me to work on getting stronger and healthier."

Anna Westerndorp
"I feel healthier, fitter and more energised. Loved the program"

Shayne Lazzam
"I can feel my stomach muscles! After ongoing problems with my back from a bulged disc I feel stronger and more confident in my body. I have also noticed less pain and more range of movement from the diet change"



Are you ready to transform your health and your body?

I am super proactive and just want the done for me program

This includes:

  • Done for you 3 week meal plan, so that I can nourish my body, support the detoxification process, eliminate build up of systemic inflammation and start burning fat
  • Recipe book of 30 recipes. 
  • Weekly shopping list direct to your email so that you can do your shopping for the week with no hassles.
  • Fitness test to start and finish the program so that you can measure your fitness level at the beginning of the program and see how easy it is to improve your overall strength, fitness and cardio
  • Weekly exercise progressions to gently support you where you are at with your fitness and give you a plan to improve your strength, fitness and cardio
  • Exercises of varying difficulty depending on where you are at and prevent injury 
  • Mindset and goal set exercises to get clear on your goals and how you are going to achieve them and stick to the plan
  • Nutritional training to more confidently navigate the landmine of dieting and health trends

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I am ready commit to getting myself healthier but I am confused about my body and would like additional support and advice on supplements

This program includes:

  • 3 week meal plan
  • Recipe book of 30 recipes
  • Weekly shopping list
  • Fitness test to start and finish the program
  • Weekly exercise progressions
  • Exercises of varying difficulty depending on where you are at
  • Mindset and goal set exercises to get clear on your goals and how you are going to achieve them and stick to the plan
  • Nutritional training to more confidently navigate the landmine of dieting and health trends
  • 2 consultations (and a health assessment if you haven't taken it yet) to give you individualised help, support and celebrate your wins. 
  • Deep dive into your health concern to identify the root cause.
  • Specific advice on how to manage your health concerns naturally that you easily implement straight away
  • Access to practitioner only products which are stronger and more effective than what you can buy off the shelf at the pharmacy or health food store
  • Treatment strategy for your health concern so that you can better understand you body 

Pay now with Paypal, the safer, easier way way to pay online


There's nothing more exciting than turning your dreams into a reality. Join me in this program and make the journey an empowering experience where you get a deeper understanding of yourself and your body.